Is Your Mental Load Fairly Shared?

If You’re A Women In A Long-Term, Heterosexual Relationship, There Is A 98% Chance You Answered “NO.”


But this can change….



What is the Mental Load?


Are you the one who always detours to pick something up from the store, buys gifts for birthdays and reminds your partner to take out the trash?

Do you sometimes feel like a walking checklist or to-do-list or sometimes both?

Well, then it’s more than likely that you’re carrying the mental load for your family.

All this reminding, noticing, organising, scheduling, communicating and remembering can leave you feeling overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted. The Mental Load Project was established in 2019 to help women and men recognise and rebalance all this invisible labour.

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How to talk to men about the mental load (without starting a fight)

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I'm Dr Robyn Miller

Upon returning to work after maternity leave, I was hit with the full weight of the mental load. Somehow on top of looking after a baby and working, I had also become household CEO, social coordinator, chief correspondent and project officer.  Why did all the invisible load just fall to me and women like me?  Not content to accept this default position, I researched far and wide to develop my own strategy to combat the mental load.  Within a couple of months' my partner and I finally wore the same glasses; we both saw what needed to be done and took equal responsibility. 

Since then I have shared my strategy with women and couples across the world, helping women just like you find find mental load freedom. I’ll show you how to recognise the mental load, make it visible and appreciated, and how develop a sustainable system to share it fairly. 


How to talk to men about the mental load (without starting a fight) 

So You Can Finally Share The Mental Load Fairly, Forever.


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